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Running The Training Environment

Lesson #1

About The Training Environment

We offer a training "virtual machine" based on a Docker image which can be used to follow our labs. Though it isn't essential, we encourage the use of this when following our lessons, as it contains many important pre-requisite tools and libraries, and gives everyone a consistent base to work from in terms of folder structures and versions. This then allows you to concentrate on the most important elements of the training rather than environment issues.


You will need to install Docker for your platform. Instructions can be found here. The training environment has been tested on Linux, MacOS and Windows.

Running The Environment

After installing Docker, you can run the environment using the following command:

docker run --cap-add=SYS_NICE --cap-add=NET_ADMIN --cap-add=IPC_LOCK --rm -i -t timeflowsystems/timeflow-training-vm bash

This should place you at a command prompt where you can begin to complete our lessons. Note, the number after the @ symbol may be different on your machine.

About tmux

To complete the courses, we will need to run multiple command shells on the same virtual machine. To acheive this, we use a utility called tmux which will allow us to open multiple shells within the training virtual machine and move between them.

Though this makes things slightly more complex, tmux is also a useful skill to learn for all data engineers who will often find themselves working at the command line and needing to run multiple processes in parallel.

tmux can be started with the following command from within the virtual machine:


To split the window in two horizontally we can press:

Ctrl+b “

To split vertically we can press:

Ctrl+b %

Then to move between the two windows we can press:

Ctrl+b o

To close a shell, type exit:


We reccomend spending 5 minutes creating and moving between tmux windows before starting the course in order to build comfort with it.


If you have any issues with the training environment or the individual commands in the course content, please get in touch.

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