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In this lesson we will learn about DBTs documentation feature

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What Is The DBT Documentation Feature

DBTs documentation feature allows us to embed commentary and documentation alongside our model code, and automatically create a consumable documentation website which colleagues can use to understand the project.

Why Is This needed?

As with any code we write, having good clear documentation brings many advantages.

Historically, data engineering and ETL activity has suffered from poor quality documentation. This can lead to slow delivery time or quality issues as developers do not understand the code they are working with.

Part of this can be blamed on the tools data engineers have traditionally used. GUI based ETL tools had any documentation trapped inside

This is another practice which data and analytics engineers are looking to adopt from developers, who have historically used more commenting and documentation for their code as a collaboration tool.


In this lesson we learnt about DBTs documentation feature.

We considered how historically, tools in the data engineering and ETL space have not had great features for documentation and collaboration.

We explained how DBT improves this situation by adding the ability to the project inline, then generate a simple website which can be used to aid communication with the business and other stakeholders.

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