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Orchestrating Data Platforms With Dagster


Lesson #6

In this lesson we will:

  • Learn about scheduling runs using Dagster;
  • Declarative scheduling.

About Schedules

Though there is a move towards continuous streaming based approaches, much of the data world still operations on periodic batch runs.

This involves running jobs on for instance an hourly or daily schedule.

Many of these jobs are scheduled using an external sheduler such as Cron.

Teams who have implemented an orchestrator such as Airflow might have moved to a more sophisticated.

Declaring A Schedule In Dagster

Schedulers are ran by the dagster-daeomon process as described in the [core concepts] lesson.

Starting and Stopping Schedules

Schedules can be turned on and off, and must be in an on state in order to run.

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In this lesson we will use Dagster sensors to automate pipeline runs based on changing source data.

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