DBT For Data Engineers

Learn Analytics Engineering Using Open Source DBT

DBT is the leading platform for analytics engineering within modern data warehouses. In this course, go from beginner to implementing advanced data pipelines with clean, maintainable models.


Introduction To DBT

In this section we will introduce DBT, explain the value it brings and explain some of the core concepts.

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Creating A DBT Project

In this lesson we will begin using the DBT Command Line Interface. We will then create and configure our first DBT project.

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Configuring DBT Profiles

In this lesson we will learn more about the DBT profile system and best practices for managing profiles for maintainable code.

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Executing Your First Transformations

In this lesson we will implement and run our first transformations using DBT models that build both tables and views.

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DBT Views and Tables

In this lesson we will learn how DBT can materialise to tables and views, and the associated incremental and ephemeral options.

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Incremental Updates

In this lesson we will learn abuout DBT incremental updates.

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