Clickhouse For Data Engineers

In this hands-on training course we will learn how to deploy and operate Clickhouse, one of the worlds fastest OLAP data warehouses.

9 Lessons
Total Time:
2h 45m

Course Overview

Clickhouse is an open source, relational, OLAP Data Warehouse which has a focus on high performance.

In this course we will introduce the core concepts behind Clickhouse and give you a thorough grounding in how to operate and administer a Clickhouse data warehouse.

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Course programme:

Introduction To Clickhouse

In this lesson we introduce Clickhouse and dive into it's differentiating features. We also discuss some of the tradeoffs in using Clickhouse.

0h 15m

Running and Connecting To Clickhouse

In this lesson we will start the Clickhouse Server and connect to it from the Clickhouse client using the command line interface.

0h 10m

Database Objects

In this lesson we will explain the core database objects in Clickhouse including tables, views, users, roles and more.

0h 5m

Administering Clickhouse Users and Roles

In this lesson we will look into the Clickhouse users, role and permission and security model which is used to control access to data within.

0h 10m

Table Engines

In this lesson we will learn about the Clickhouse table engines which are used behind the scenes to store and manage your data. We will also introduce the main families of table engine.

0h 10m

MergeTree Engine Family

In this lesson we will deep dive into Clickhouse MergeTree family of engines.

0h 15m

Materialised Views

In this lesson we will introduce materialised views, and demonstrate how they are more powerful than materialsied views as implemented by other databases.

0h 15m

Connecting Clickhouse To Kafka

In this lesson we learn how to connect Clickhouse to Kafka to ingest in real time streams of messages.

0h 10m

Administering The Clickhouse Server

In this lesson we will describe some of the main administration tasks when managing Clickhouse, including managing log files, Clickhouse storage and handling upgrades;

0h 15m
Benjamin Wootton
Your Course Curator

Benjamin Wootton

Timeflow Academy Founder

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