Introducing Timeflow Academy

Introducing Timeflow Academy

Today we are pleased to announce Timeflow Academy, our online learning platform for helping new and experienced Data Engineers level up their skills.

Data Engineers are the people responsible for capturing, transforming and delivering data to data analysts, data scientists, and business stakeholders through reliable data delivery pipelines.

Though this a role growing in importance, there is a huge shortage of talent and experience in this field. And to make things worse, this has happened at a time when businesses are more demanding and ambitious than ever in how they would like to extract value from their business data.

The mission behind Timeflow Academy therefore is to provide high quality training to help people transition from adjacent careers such as Software Engineering and Data Science into the exciting field of Data Engineering.

Our aim with the platform is to take a very hands on and practical approach to rapidly build skills in the leading open source and cloud native technologies. We will do this through hands on guided tutorials which quickly bring the topics to life without needing to consume reams of documentation.

More importantly, we also hope to educate on the approach and philosophy of modern Data Engineering to enable people to adopt high quality and well engineered platforms using techniques which have tradtionally been applied by software engineers.

In addition to supporting learners, we also hope to work with the vendor community to give them a route to engage with our pool of passionate and motivated community of Data Engineers.

If this sounds interesting, please visit Timeflow Academy to give the platform a try, and please contact us with us any comments or feedback.

Hands-On Training For The Modern Data Stack

Timeflow Academy is an online, hands-on platform for learning about Data Engineering and Modern Cloud-Native Database management using tools such as DBT, Snowflake, Kafka, Spark and Airflow.

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