Why Serverless Is The Future For Data & Analytics Platforms

Serverless In the bad old days, the first step when building a database, analytics or business intelligence solution would be to order or…

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Why We Moved From Druid To Clickhouse

Recently, our team have been working on a data product which can be used to provide real time analytics to business users. In order to…

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You Need An Orchestrator In Your Data Stack

There seems to be a knowledge gap around Data Orchestration tools such as Airflow and Dagster in the Data Engineering community. Though…

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Combining Clickhouse MergeTree Engines and Materialized Views

Why Databricks is experiencing significant market success.

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Introducing Timeflow Academy

Today we have pleasure announcing Timeflow Academy , our platform for helping new and experienced Data Engineers level up their skills…

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From Historical Dashboards To Automated Interventions

Historically, business intelligence initiatives have focussed on providing self service dashboards and reports which are used to surface…

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Is Real Time Analytics Possible With A Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse technology has been the beating heart of business intelligence for many decades. Typically, these Data Warehouses act as the…

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What Is Dash, And How Can It Benefit Your Business?

As we know, many companies are looking to use their data more effectively in order to improve their business efficiency and customer…

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Why Embedded Analytics Beat Dashboards & Reports

Most Business Intelligence or analytics projects today aim to deliver reports and dashboards as the eventual output. The idea is that…

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The Risks Of Consumption Based Pricing For Analytics Tools

Broadly, there are three ways to price any subscription software product: Consumption Based - where the price charged is based entirely on…

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Real Time Data and Analytics

The vast majority of Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions in place today operate on out-of-date, backwards looking, historical data…

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Real Time Closed Loop Analytics

Many companies today are interested in using data to improve their business and customer experience. Most of these initiatives ultimately…

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How DBT DevOps Enables Data Teams

How DBT raises the bar for Data Engineering teaams.

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Why OpenTelemetry Has The Potential To Simplify IT Operations

Telemetry is about collecting information from remote sources and bringing it back into a centralised location for analysis and monitoring…

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Rise Of The Citizen Data Scientist

Enabling Business Users To Carry Out Their Own Data Science and Analytics

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Building A DBT Model In Snowflake

A short demo of building a DBT model against Snowflake.

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Why Databricks Is Winning In The Data & Analytics Market

Why Databricks is experiencing significant market success.

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How DBT Helps Data Engineers Work Like Software Engineers

How DBT improves practices for data engineers

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Moving Towards Real Time Data & Analytics

As your business operates day to day, a number of events are taking place. Examples include orders, dispatches, customer enquiries or…

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Databricks Structured Streaming Example

Databricks structured streaming is the modern way to work with streaming data in Spark.

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Materialised Views On Event Streams

Imagine we have a stream of events representing new orders: Much of the move to event driven architecture is about responding to these…

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Using Real Time Data To Guide Employee Next Best Action

There has been a long held concern as to whether “Artificial Intelligence” will ultimately, replace humans en masse in the workforce. For…

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Why Data & Analytics Become Critical Post Pandemic

It's clear that the pandemic will lead to significant changes for businesses and the markets that they operate in. Despite a challenging…

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Why Event Driven Architecture Improves Audit & Compliance

Imagine we have a database table of customer details which sits behind a typical web application: Name Address Gender Lifetime Spend Ben…

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Big Datas Elephant In The Room

For many years, "Big Data" was a major buzzword in enterprise IT. The theory was that as data volumes grew, we would need different…

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How Moving From Batch To Real Time Improves The Customer Experience

Over time, the typical business acquires more and more applications. Some will be bespoke, some off the shelf, some cloud hosted SaaS tools…

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Step Away From The Dashboard

I often comment that dashboards are limiting the potential of what businesses achieve with data and analytics. The idea of a dashboard…

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Is Your Procurement Department Throttling Your Ability To Innovate?

Big Corp Enterprise LTD are in the business of making widgets. They are a huge business and have led their industry for decades. However…

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Moving From Batch To Streaming Extract, Transform and Load

There are many situations in Enterprise IT where we need to move, copy or integrate datasets. For example, populating a centralised data…

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From Titanic Releases To 10,000 Speedboats With Continuous Delivery

Does your software release process look anything like this.... Releases are big events marked months ahead on the calendar; A lot of…

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In Business, Everything Is An Event

Imagine a simple customer interaction for an eCommerce business: A customer visits the website and browses some products; They browse…

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