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Data Engineers are the people responsible for capturing, transforming and delivering data to Data Analysts, Data Scientists, and business users using reliable, trusted and fast data delivery pipelines.

Though this a role growing in importance, there is a huge shortage of talent and experience in this field due to the rapid growth in the data and analytics market, and rapid evolution in the tools and platforms which businesses are deploying.

With this in mind, we have developed Timeflow Academy to provide high quality training for a new generation of Data Engineers, allowing both new and experienced people to move into the field by learning the latest tooling and best practices.

We focus on a number of powerful Open Source and Cloud Native tools available to us such as DBT, Airflow, Snowflake, Kafka and Spark. These tools and platforms offer real value to data teams, but they do have a learning curve, particuarly when it comes to best practices and building production quality pipelines and solutions. For this reason, we take a very hands on and practical approach which is all about gaining experience and confidence with them.

More importantly than specific tools are the practices and mindset of Data Engineering. Where before Data could be moved around ad-hoc, businesses now need to build repeatable, trusted, performant and secure pipelines. This calls for a more rigorous and professional approach to Data Engineering. You can read more about our Data Engineering in our blog post here.

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About The Course Content

We currently offer courses in five of the most common technologies being used by Data Engineers today:

The courses are aimed at Data Engineers who are responsible for building solutions and preparing data using these technologies. The courses will be less relevant to end users such as Data Analysts and Data Scientists.

For now, all of our content is free, though some requires a free membership to access.

If you have any feedback or requests regarding our content, please get in touch.

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